Archbishop Philip Freier

Vision and Directions 2014-16 is a continuation of the Diocese’s commitment to strategic change in 2011-13.

The achievements of the first three years have guided our priorities ahead.  We will build on our successes in parish renewal, coaching programs and the growth of the endowment of the diocese to support ministry in all of parishes and faith communities. 

Several new initiatives are already up and running, each focussed on building our capacity and energy for mission.  Their success will be measured by how people respond, what they learn and how they apply it to their own ministry.  It will be the enthusiasm and drive of individuals that will take us forward.

Our main goal remains   ‘To Make the Word of God fully known’, and each of the strategic directions for the next three years plays a part in equipping our people in ministry for that task. 

The new pilot programs focus on connecting people and organisations, with new partnerships being tested between deaneries, parishes, schools and agencies.

To support multicultural ministry, we will concentrate on equipping and empowering leaders and also the worshipping communities. 

We will expand the coaching programs, such a successful part of the parish renewal program, to build helpful connections between individuals with tangible benefits for both.

Professional development, too, receives a fresh impetus, with continuing learning for ordained and lay leaders. 

If we are going to get to where we need to be we must also look at the way we operate as an organisation.  We will ensure that our communication processes, our resources, our structure and the foundation of theological education all support our goals.

Vision and directions strategic objectives

1. New pilot program for 2014/2016

We will work with one archdeaconry to transform deaneries into communities of ministry and mission; with one school/parish community to strengthen capacity for evangelism and faith formation; and with one deanery in a project of church planting.

2. Multicultural ministry

We will foster the growth of multicultural ministry by ensuring that cultural diversity is affirmed across the diocese, building resources and opportunities and equipping leaders for ministry.

3. Parish renewal

We will extend the program of parish renewal through the learning from the 2011-13 Pilot and develop the Bishop Perry Institute for Ministry and Mission to continue research, offer training and commend best practice.

4. Culture of hope

We will foster a culture of hope by building people and communities in appreciation, optimism and resilience; nurturing people though pastoral and spiritual ministry; and building reconciled relationships.

The successful achievement of these objectives will also be supported by activity in the following areas:

Key enablers


We will bring the Vision and Directions to all parishes, providing suitable material to explain the vision and encourage participation, and we will establish a communications strategy to meet the needs of contemporary Australians through multiple platforms and word or mouth.


We will grow the endowment of the diocese to support mission and ministry, applying both capital budget principles to the stewardship of our monetary wealth and the 2012 Property Policy to resources from the sale of property to fund initiatives.

Developing mission shaped diocesan structures

We will make mission our organising principle, transitioning our organisational structure from function-shape to mission-shape, revitalising deaneries as communities of mission and ministry and putting ‘People in Ministry’ as the central purpose of all our structures.

Theological education

We will use the learnings of the pilot programs and the review of theological education to shape the future, fostering best practice in clergy and lay leadership and promoting continuing professional learning.


Melbourne Synod 2014 

A focus for Vision and Directions within the Diocese in 2014 was multi-cultural ministry and celebrating the cultural diversity of Melbourne Anglicans.  A video update was provided to the 2014 Synod outlining some of the progress made in achieving our first three year (2011 – 2013) Vision and Directions goal of “Fostering the growth of multicultural ministry by ensuring that cultural diversity if affirmed across the Diocese, building resources and opportunities and equipping leaders for ministry”.

This video was one aspect of a broad update on the progress of the Vision and Directions strategy 2011 – 2013 which culminated in a renewed vision of the period 2014 – 2016.

View the video details below:


 Vision and Strategic Directions 2011-2014






 Vision and Directions downloads





At the 2010 session of the Synod for the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Archbishop Philip Freier announced the Vision and Directions for 2011 - 2013. A video update was produced for Melbourne Synod 2013.

View the Archbishop's messages produced for Melbourne Synod 2011 -  2013 below.