Abp Philip Freier

Archbishop Philip Freier

"Our Journey"

There are many members, but one body, and we are called to proclamation of the Good News in Jesus Christ and to serve in his name. For the body to flourish, each member of the body must do its part.

This is a strategy that intends to engage our synergies, provide a framework of belonging to one family, create space for all parishes and communities to share and contribute to Our Journey. If the church is to flourish, we must share the same vision, the same commitment, energy and passion. God has entrusted mission to us all.
The Most Reverend Dr Philip Freier,
Archbishop of Melbourne


Vision and directions 2017 to 2025 strategic directions:

1. Be a compelling and outward-looking Christian presence in our communities

2. Reach across boundaries of human division to serve our communities and proclaim Christ

3. Be open to the Holy Spirit in transforming lives to be mature in Christ

4. Use all the energy that God powerfully inspires to better manage our human and capital resources


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At the 2010 session of the Synod for the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Archbishop Philip Freier announced the Vision and Directions for 2011 - 2013. A video update was produced for Melbourne Synod 2013.

View the Archbishop's messages produced for Melbourne Synod 2011 -  2013 below.