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Anglican Overseas Aid (formerly Anglicord) is an international relief and development agency of the Anglican Church of Australia.


Inspired by the Gospel of Christ, Anglicord’s vision is for a peaceful, just and sustainable world for all.


Anglican Overseas Aid works in partnership with Anglican and like-minded agencies to:

  • create and strengthen partnerships in developing countries to overcome poverty, injustice and disaster, and
  • inspire Australians to be compassionate, involved and responsible global citizens.

How Anglican Overseas Aid works

Across the world, Anglican communities stand strongly with marginalised and oppressed members of their communities, actively providing care and love; promoting reconciliation and justice in Jesus’ name.

Anglican Overseas Aid's Anglican heritage plays an important role in its development approach. Traditionally the agency has supported programs in parts of the world where local Anglican networks are strong (such as Africa and the Pacific) or in countries where Anglicans are a minority but where the need is great (such as the Middle East and Asia).

Programs supported by Anglican Overseas Aid

Anglican Overseas Aid supports community development and emergency response programs that:

  • Value all people
  • Do not exclude people based on religious persuasion
  • Affirm human rights and promote diversity by ensuring gender, racial and ethnic equality and equity
  • Are ethical, transparent and accountable
  • Promote understanding that the spiritual, social and physical cannot be separated in the process of transformation of people and society.

Anglican Overseas Aid works through local partners committed to truth, integrity and justice. It is important that partners understand the real issues contributing to poverty and disempowerment within their context. Priority projects focus on HIV and AIDS, health and literacy, building sustainable futures, community resilience and peace and reconciliation. Every sustainable development program is unique to its context. It is important that members of the community understand what needs to be changed and see themselves as part of the solution.

Anglican Overseas Aid's partnerships build on the strengths of citizens. We recognise that empowered and mobilised communities are the best agents of change.


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valerie browning in ethiopia
Australian nurse Valerie Browning working to raise literacy among the nomad Afar people of Ethiopia. Valerie works with a local organisation supported by Anglican Overseas Aid. (Christof Krackhardt)

dimbaza support group
Members of the Dimbaza Support Group for people living with HIV and AIDS in South Africa. The Group is supported was Anglican Overseas Aid. (Jay Maheswaran, Anglican Overseas Aid)

misha coleman with participant in solar lights program
Anglican Overseas Aid former CEO Misha Coleman with a participant in the agency’s solar lights for entrepreneurs project in Solomon Islands. (Jay Maheswaran, Anglican Overseas Aid)