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About Bush Church Aid (BCA)

Formerly known as Bush Church Aid Society, BCA shares the gospel, builds up the church, and cares for people all around Australia.

BCA’s Field Staff serve in regional and remote parts of Australia. Locals in these places are removed from cities, live in sparsely populated towns (sometimes as small as a few hundred people), and often don’t benefit from strong support networks of family and friends. Churches in these areas can struggle, ongoing fellowship can be hard to maintain, and encouragement can become a rarity.

With a particular heart for such people, BCA - in conjunction with the various Anglican Dioceses of Australia - places Field Staff, Co-Workers and Affiliates across the continent. Whether working as pastors, teachers, evangelists, chaplains or nurses, Field Staff bring evangelism, encouragement and ministry to people in all corners of the country. It is BCA’s deep desire and prayer that people throughout Australia would bow their knee to Jesus, be transformed by God’s word, and live their lives to His glory.


The Bush Church Aid Society (BCA) was born out of a vision to provide pastoral and spiritual care for the original inhabitants and the new settlers in remote areas of Australia. Its role grew and developed as different needs arose. Over many years BCA has taken responsibility for ministries such as: flying padres, church services, children's hostels, religious education, family counselling, welfare and medical services, as well as simply being a presence for people cut off from family, friends and other support systems. Today, the Society continues to adapt its ministry to meet the needs of those it seeks to serve.

New Millennium

The beginning of the 21st Century has seen a particular focus on the ‘New Bush’ with partnerships in outer regional areas. The new millennium has also been marked by a renewed sense of the BCA mission – to bring Australians, regardless of their geographical location, into a relationship with the living God.

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