About Church Missionary Society (CMS)

The Church Missionary Society-Australia (CMS) is a missionary sending agency, working in partnership with local churches in Australia and all over the world. CMS currently has 192 missionaries serving in over 35 countries.

CMS is an evangelical, voluntary, lay, church society committed to proclaiming life through Christ.

  • CMS is an evangelical society in that it was established by evangelicals, and continues to seek members among evangelicals. They, in turn, seek to pursue a gospel-centred obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ and to express that obedience by doing all in their power to bring that gospel to those who do not know Christ and have not heard his name.
  • As a voluntary society, CMS is made up of enthusiasts for the gospel. Through its constitution, CMS is accountable to its members who elect a Board to oversee its affairs.
  • As a lay society, CMS is not a church within a church. It is a facilitator, enabling the Church to send missionaries to serve God in other places.
  • CMS is a church society in the sense that it was set up and continues to function in order to facilitate the Church to obey the Great Commission.

The financial support of CMS comes entirely from individuals and churches who choose to give - the Society commits to distribute these funds to missionaries to cover all basic expenses, such as a living allowance, medical and educational expenses and travel; as well as other support related expenses such as pastoral care, housing, language learning and administration.


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