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About MU Australia

MU Australia is part of a world-wide network of people passionate about the empowerment of women and the wellbeing of families. Over 4,000,000 members in 81 countries provide spiritual and physical support to powerless, uneducated, and oppressed women and families throughout the world.

Caritas groups have the by-line Friendship in Action and reach out beyond the Church community through informal gatherings to show Christian love for others.

MU and Caritas welcomes everyone who supports their Aims and Objects – women, men, married, single, divorced, clergy, lay, those who are parents and those who are not.

Led by staff at Mary Sumner House in London, Mothers’ Union supports projects including:

  • Literacy and Numeracy courses first taught at grassroots level in Malawi, Burundi and The Sudan, and which have now been extended to other countries
  • victims of domestic violence in Melanesia
  • HIV/Aids awareness, maternal health, leadership training programs in PNG and Africa
  • holidays for families facing poverty and hopelessness
  • MU members in countries faced with famine and natural disasters
  • Family Life programs focussed on education and reconciliation within communities

There are many projects carried out by branches of MU and Caritas groups attached to Anglican parishes throughout Australia including:

  • holidays and pamper packs to support to farmers in rural areas
  • Parenting Education Programs
  • support for families who have met with adversity
  • funds to enable outback clergy families to attend educational courses
  • support for Indigenous and Torres Strait Island Women with education and welfare courses
  • support for families and individuals in the Children’s Courts.

In the Diocese of Melbourne MU and Caritas provide:

  • baby rugs for at-risk young parents, rugs for the aged, beanies and rugs for Seafarers
  • kits for young adults in care who are starting out in their own accommodation
  • care for bereaved families through hospitality and support at funerals
  • prayer , material and financial support for Karen refugees on the Thai/Burma Border
  • support for invalid and housebound members through the Intercessory Prayer Circle
  • support for clergy through Baptism and Marriage kits, prayer cards, resource material

 A Prayer for 120th Anniversary of MU

Gracious and loving God,
We give you thanks for 120 years of
faithful service in your name.
May we truly honour the legacy
entrusted to us.
As we celebrate this milestone in our
history, may we look towards the
future to which you are calling us
with joyful hope and the expectation
that you will continue to work in us
and through us to bear much fruit
for your kingdom.
We pray for all families in Australia;
that they may be sources of love,
encouragement and safety.
We uphold all those who
contribute to the building up and
support of marriage and family life.
Take us and use us, Loving God,
to be as Christ’s hands and
feet in this world.
Touch the lives of those
with whom we connect – either
through the words we speak,
the prayers We offer or the
lives we live.
This we ask in Jesus’s name. Amen.
Reverend Helen Phillips
MU Melbourne Diocese Chaplain.

 Prayer for 120th Anniversary of MU


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