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What is a chaplain?

A chaplain is a person who, in their capacity as a member of a religious organisation, provides pastoral care to people in need. A chaplain is usually attached to a particular hospital or aged care facility including all major public hospitals, and aged care facilities auspiced by the church.

About the Anglican Church and chaplaincy

The Anglican Church in Melbourne is a leader in the area of chaplaincy through the appointment of well trained and supported Anglican chaplains and its work in cooperation with other major Christian denominations and in conjunction with the hospitals in which chaplains minister. The Anglican church advocates strongly for the growing acceptance of the value of chaplaincy in hospitals.

All Anglican chaplains must have completed a course in Clinical Pastoral Education and have some training in ministry and theology. Many Anglican chaplains are ordained as priests or deacons and some are lay people.

Across Victoria there is a team of well over 100 chaplains working in major hospitals many supported a denomination and many employed directly by the health care facility.

In his role as coordinator of Anglican health chaplains, the Reverend Stephen Delbridge is supporting 20 Anglican health chaplains, providing training, pastoral support and facilitating the ministry.


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