kate pilot at wontulp bi buya
Kate Pilot recently completed her Certificate III in Theology at Wontulp and plans to complete a Diploma.

About Nungalinya College

Nungalinya College in Darwin has been a special focus for Archbishop Philip Freier.

Archbishop Freier, who was treasurer of the College during his time as the Bishop of the Northern Territory, has previously described Church funding for the College as shamefully low.

The College needs support and a funding base so that it can afford staff. Supporting Nungalinya College is one way that Melbourne Anglicans could provide the predominantly young Aboriginal nation with opportunities for training and education, Archbishop Freier has said.

All Anglican regions, parishes and Anglican school ministries have been encouraged to support Archbishop Freier’s Indigenous Out-reach and the Nungalinya Network.

Wontulp-Bi-Buya Theological College

Wontulp-Bi-Buya Theological College in Cairns takes its name from indigenous words meaning faith and the light of Christ, and many students going through its doors are experiencing just that, with profound consequences for their communities.

The lessons [at Wontulp] really make us feel free to share about the cultures and how we learn from each other. We all have different stories and myths on the different Islands. They link in with the Gospel. I believe that there was a Spirit Being with us before the arrival of the Gospel and people were worshipping that Spirit. It was like a confirmation of the Good News; that Jesus was with us.

The teaching at Wontulp-Bi-Buya Bible College goes beyond religious study and includes teaching on body corporate rights, health issues, land rights, community organizing skills and more.

Wontulp was realised by the Management Committee of Nungalinya College in Darwin, and partner churches support the college, including Anglican, Uniting, Roman Catholic and Lutheran.


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