commemorative plaque
Memorial plaque near Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance.
The plaque is located close to St Kilda Road, near the tram stop.

Use this prayer today - parish are also encouraged to use this prayer regularly.

A prayer for reconciliation

by Bishop Arthur and Mrs Colleen Malcolm

Lord God, bring us together as one, 
reconciled with you and reconciled with each other.
You made us in your likeness,
you gave us your Son, Jesus Christ.
Lord God, bring us together as one,
reconciled, healed, forgiven,
sharing with you others as you have called us to do.
In Jesus Christ, let us be together as one. Amen.

Source: A Prayer Book for Australia, p.203.

Additionally, the prayer "A Thanksgiving for Australia", by the Reverend Lenore Parker from A Prayer Book for Australia p. 218 is also appropriate. 

More resources for corporate worship may be found by checking the entry for 'Week of Prayer for Reconciliation' in the index at the rear of your prayer book.

Aborigines in Victoria

Victorian Koori have had less success in achieving recognition of their land claims than Indigenous people in other States and Territories. New ways of recognizing claims have been developed which involve less adversarial forms of working.

Let us give thanks for those who work for justice in land claims and pray that their labours may continue to be wise and fruitful.

Pray for Koori communities across Victoria

  • Lake Tyers Community
  • Kooris can be found in every municipality in Victoria. Many live a long way from their homelands, such as people linked to Lake Condah.
  • Places where Koori people live include Shepparton, Robinvale, Echuca, Gippsland, Western Victoria, Dandenong, Preston/Thornbury.

Pray for those who feel hurt by the activities of Christians

Pray for Aboriginal Christians in Victoria

  • Victorian Indigenous Prayer Network (Convenor: Anne Green)
  • Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship (Convenor: Denis and Maureen Atkinson)
  • Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, Thornbury (Convenor: Ms Vicky Clark)
  • The Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress [part of UCA]
  • State Director: the Rev Ken Sumner, the Rev Willie Pickett (Regional Chairperson & Development Outreach Minister) and Mr Vince Ross
  • Various independent fellowships and churches which meet across the State
  • And for those who are treated badly because of their faith

Pray for Parishes seeking to make contact with local Indigenous people


 Advancement League, Thornbury


The Advancement League, now in Thornbury, has a long proud history of working for justice.


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