​Aboriginal elder from Ngukurr, NT, Mrs Marjorie Hall (right) at Darwin Hospital.

Indigenous policies, health and education

We confess the inequality in our community, especially Indigenous people who are too highly represented amongst people with serious illness, unemployment, poverty and inadequate housing.


  • That there might be a widespread desire to change things for the better
  • For those concerned with health provision:
    • Doctors, nurses and all people who work in hospitals
    • Community health workers, including Aboriginal health workers and carers
  • Medical researchers
  • That all men and women may have access to meaningful occupations
  • For all Centrelink workers
  • For all teachers, school administrators and educational researchers
  • That the efforts of government to improve the provision of housing might be successful
  • For the large army of Aboriginal women and men who try to help their families and communities
  • For the least powerful people in communities, especially children and the elderly
  • For Indigenous people in penal institutions, and those who care for them
  • For all members of Parliament and public servants, that all policies and actions might be just and compassionate
  • That the next developments in the area of the ‘Federal Intervention’ might restore dignity and justice where they have been compromised, and that widespread harmony and well-being might be the result
  • That the 'Close the Gap' initiative to support the health needs of Indigenous Australians will lead to effective gains.

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