Pastor Sir Douglas and Lady Gladys Nicholls statue
Pastor Sir Douglas and Lady Gladys Nicholls

Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum

As a result of this referendum, the Commonwealth Parliament is able to make laws which are directed towards Indigenous Australians in the various States. The referendum also resulted in Indigenous Australians being included in each national census.

Give thanks for the Indigenous People of Australia

Indigenous pioneers

  • William Barak
  • Nathaniel Pepper
  • David Unaipon
  • William Cooper
  • Pastor Sir Douglas and Lady Gladys Nichols
  • Mavis Tucker
  • Neville Bonner

Pioneering Indigenous Anglican clergy and partners

  • The Reverend Joseph Liu and Revd Poey Passi - first Torres Strait Islander Priests, 1921
  • The Reverend James Noble, pioneer missionary, Qld, NT, WA - first Aboriginal Deacon, 1926
  • The Reverend Patrick Brisbane, Qld - first Aboriginal Priest, 1970, died 1974
  • The Reverend Canon Michael Gumbuli Wurramara AM, NT - second Aboriginal Priest, 1973
  • The Right Reverend Kwami Dai, Qld - first Torres Strait Islander Bishop, 1986
  • The Right Reverend Arthur Malcolm, Qld - first Aboriginal Bishop, 1995
  • The Right Reverend Janet Turpie-Johnstone - first Indigenous Priest in Melbourne, 1999.

Local people

Give thanks for the ways that Indigenous people cared for the landscape, its plants and animals, as well as inland waters and oceans.

Thanks for the Wurundjeri* people who lived in our local area from time immemorial.

*If you can, use the traditional name for the traditional owners of your district.

Pray that all Australians may learn something of the wisdom of our Indigenous peoples who have lived in harmony with the land for tens of thousands of years.


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