​The Grampians - Gariwerd

22nd anniversary of the Mabo High Court judgment

This judgment, in 1992, recognized that the people of Mer (Murray Island) in the Torres Strait had always possessed their own land, with clearly marked internal boundaries.

This established a legal basis for traditional ownership and was a clear recognition that the legal notion of ‘terra nullius’ was inappropriate.

We give thanks for the many positive outcomes of land settlements across the nation.

We pray for Indigenous people as they seek to care for their land

  • to make it accessible and
  • to use it to support themselves in the twenty-first century.

We pray for Indigenous people who remain out of contact with their homeland

  • especially those who do not know where they came from (this a particular problem with people who have been described as part of the Homeless Generation.)

The Future: Pray for Justice and Generous Hearts

More and more Christians are concerned that the process of reconciliation has stalled.

Pray that the Holy Spirit may convict more and more people to open their hearts.

Pray for Anglicans as they consider the issues of Restitution.

In 2010 the Synod of the Diocese of Melbourne resolved:


Practical Restitution for Indigenous Peoples (Motion 23)

That this Synod, acknowledging the impact on Indigenous peoples of this region,
  • the traditional owners, arising from
  • the loss of their land and undermining of their culture,
  • the breakup of their society, and
  • the damage caused by successive government policies, often well-intentioned but in ignorance of the profound issues involved, and the church’s frequent complicity with those actions and policies,desires to continue to engage in a process of practical restitution which,
(a) acknowledges the debt we owe to the Aborigines in terms of restitution, respect, and Gospel partnership;

(b) requests the Archbishop in Council to work with the Diocesan Indigenous Policy Steering Committee to initiate a process of listening, learning, thinking and prayer in order to discern appropriate responses which may include engagement in the national Reconciliation process and forms of restitution;

and to develop a comprehensive and practicable plan of action for the Diocese, to be brought to the 2011 Synod.
















The establishment of a Reconciliation Action Plan is one of the major developments from this.

Thank God for the Indigenous partnerships program of the Diocese of Melbourne, especially with Nungalinya College, Darwin, and for the commitment of parishes, schools, colleges and agencies to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Please continue to pray that God will guide the Archbishop and all who are called to advise and lead the Diocese in discerning appropriate responses to the situation in which we find ourselves, that we might have the courage to follow God’s voice.

In particular, pray for the development of the Reconciliation Action Plan, that it might be established with wisdom and implemented with enthusiasm, leading to meaningul reconciliation a local level.



 St Jude's Carlton


St Jude’s Anglican Church acknowledges the Wurundjeri People as the traditional custodians of this land and are committed to work for reconciliation and justice.

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