Ken Wyatt
The Hon. Ken Wyatt, MP, left, (first 
Indigenous member of the House of Representatives) and
the Hon. Adam Giles, MLA, is Chief Minister of the Northern Territory.

Governments and Aboriginal community leaders

In an historic move in March 2013, the Government of the Northern Territory elected the Hon. Adam Giles as Chief Minister. Thus, he is the first Indigenous head of state in Australia.

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Indigenous members of Parliament

Members of Parliament with special responsibilities for Aboriginal matters:

Social Justice Commissioner: Mr Mick Gooda

Aboriginal academics and teachers:

  • For schools with Indigenous students, especially those in remote areas.

Leaders of Aboriginal community organisations.

Those responsible for planning:

  • National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples: A new national body
  • Changes to Australia’s Constitution
  • Government support of Indigenous communities.

Other Indigenous leaders:

  • Community leaders and leaders of key Indigenous organisations
  • Musicians, such as Archie Roach, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, Jessica Mauboy
  • Sportsmen and women including Cathy Freeman and leading footballers from Douglas Nicholls (Fitzroy) onwards.

All people in occupations who have close contact with Indigenous people:

  • Teachers and chaplains in hospitals, schools, prisons and the services
  • Police, judges, prison officers and legal officers
  • Centrelink workers.

Aborginal men and women in business.


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