Trinity College Theological School is a place of vibrant theological and ministerial education that offers world-class learning opportunities through the University of Divinity (

The School is the official seminary for the Anglican Province of Victoria.  It was founded in 1877 by Bishop James Moorhouse to train a ‘learned and dedicated clergy’. This founding vision remains the School’s contribution to the church, but our focus has broadened to embrace the ministry of all God’s people.

Our Mission

At Trinity, we are committed to shaping men and women for ordained or lay ministry. We hold strongly to orthodox Christian faith in its Anglican dimension – but we embrace the Anglican way in a diverse, reflective, and articulate style in dialogue with the contemporary world.

Our Community

Whatever your sense of call, Trinity offers a welcoming environment to explore the Christian faith in a friendly and not-too-large community. All students are encouraged to share their own professional and practical knowledge and bring their experience and faith perspective to our discussions. We provide mentoring opportunities, the chance to hear from leaders in our church, and we worship together regularly. We also teach and learn in an ecumenical environment through our partnership within the United Faculty of Theology (UFT).

Our Faculty

At Trinity, you are studying with internationally regarded scholars and priests, committed to the pursuit of academic excellence. We have significant pastoral experience and insight, as well as a deep, personal commitment to the task of preparing women and men for ministry, lay and ordained, in the emerging church. The Theological School is also part of the new MCD University of Divinity, which recently became Australia’s first specialised university. This new status reflects the academic breadth and depth of the faculty across the University.

Our Libraries

Our library resources are second-to-none. In addition to the Leeper and Mollison libraries at Trinity, the UFT is served by the Dalton McCaughey Library, which has one of the finest theological research collections in the southern hemisphere.

Our Invitation

At Trinity, we are committed to helping you explore the Christian faith, whether it be in preparation for ordained or lay ministry in the Anglican Church, studying for a theological degree, or simply furthering your studies and reflecting on your faith and discipleship.

Try Trinity

Choose the course that suits you:

  • Campus based courses
  • Ministry Formation Program
  • Online courses
  • Parish-based courses
  • School Chaplaincy courses

Come and be inspired by our passion for Scripture and the church, discover our desire to learn together, be challenged by our knowledgeable faculty and encouraged in your ministry as we grow together in Christ.

Come and experience Trinity for yourself!


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