I was born and raised by Christian parents in Sydney. They were staunch Anglicans so we never missed church, both morning and evening services! I am married to Di and we have 2 daughters and a son (now deceased). We also never missed church, though only in the mornings.

I was a teenager in the 60s so change is in my makeup. I do remember the 60s so that may say something about my upbringing.

I trained as an electronics engineer and worked in the area of civil aviation systems for 20 years before God convinced me I should be working in full time ordained ministry. I entered Ridley College in 1990 and was ordained in 1993. What a great privilege it was to spend 3 years studying God’s word under people who were so well thought out, mixing with men and women who would be my colleagues in years to come and ministering in a series of parish placements that each added to my store of knowledge and experience.

After completing a curacy at St Stephen’s Greythorn and a six month locum position at Montmorency I was appointed as Priest-in-charge of St Theodore’s Wattle Park. This was a small parish with a large vision and a willingness to grapple with change. Over the past 17 years, as we’ve grown, I’ve enjoyed working with teams of lay leaders, ministry trainees and curates. St Theodore’s, now St Thomas’, has been a church where training of men and women for ministry in the wider church has been encouraged and welcomed.

So it’s with great pleasure that I accepted the Archbishop’s invitation to become an examining chaplain. I look forward to seeing prospective ordinands coming to test their call to full time ordained ministry and developing their ministry in God’s Church.