Rev'd Dawn Treloar

​I am married to Andrew and we have two adult sons. I love gardening, cooking, quilting and reading. My flock of chooks helps me to centre myself, contemplate creation and move towards our goal of self-sufficiency as we strive to walk gently upon God’s earth.

I am the Coordinating Chaplain at Ivanhoe Grammar School and spend my time leading worship, listening to and counselling staff, students and parents and teaching Faith, Ethics and Attitudes. I feel truly blessed to be allowed to minister to this community and to walk beside them, whilst sharing God’s love with them.

One of the things I love doing is helping young people and adults to be still before God and to recognise God at work in their lives. Teaching them to meditate is one technique I use to do this; another is using creative arts such as the illumination of texts or drawing of mandalas. To observe people relax into the experience, to watch them discover new skills and talents, and to see their wonder as they find the small still voice of calm in the midst of their busy lives is very rewarding.

If asked to describe my churchmanship I would classify myself as an Evangelical Anglo-Catholic. Having journeyed from being brought up in the Presbyterian Church, I delight in many styles of worship and rejoice in the fact that the Melbourne Diocese offers a wide range of liturgical practices and views about how people can perceive and worship God. Being an introvert I prefer to find God in the stillness of nature and never cease to be amazed by the glory of God’s revelation of God’s self in the world and in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

I feel honoured to be asked to be an examining chaplain and look forward to meeting people who are seeking to discern God’s will in their lives and responding to God’s call to ministry, either lay or ordained.