​The Reverend Canon Robert Vun

I was born and raised in Sabah, Malaysia to a Christian family and accepted Christ at 14 years old. Called into the ministry at Year 11 and studied at Singapore Bible College (1977-1981) for my BTh. Priested in 1982, and served in the Diocese of Sabah till 1992. Read my MA (Theol.) at Bible College of Victoria (1992-1993). Returned to Sabah till invited by Archbishop Rayner to be the Vicar of St. Matthias, North Richmond (1996 - present).

My ministry skills include cross-cultural ministry, planting churches, training church leaders and skills, and building churches. I am married to Ruth and we have 2 children. My watching cartoons.

My ministry forte is in missions, teaching, church health and leadership. I believe the role of an Examining Chaplain is two fold. First, it is to assist the Diocese to examine and select suitable candidates for the ordained ministry.

Second, to facilitate the individual seeking ordination to discern his/her role in the church through prayers, counsel, guidance, and training.

My ministry skills that I bring to this role are assisting you in your ministry discernment and training, and in facilitating your ministry in our diverse Diocese.


 Examining chaplains