​The Reverend Ross Green

I was a participant in the anti-authoritarian movement of my generation and the idea of mainline denomination was not on my radar. I had thoughts of being a labourer, albeit theologically educated. God, it would seem had other ideas.

Studying Old Examining Chaplains Testament as an independent student at Ridley College, God challenged me through Amos 3:1-2. Did the people of Israel think that God had called them into a special relationship so they could sit on a banana lounge and soak up the sun - or did privilege carry with it responsibility? The prophet’s charge hit me hard and so began conversations with friends, wardens, vicar, examining chaplains and bishops, all helping in discerning and shaping the direction of this call to responsible service.

In over 20 years of parish ministry in the Diocese I have worked with many fine curates and always been energised and encouraged by the fresh perspectives and enthusiasm they have brought. I have attempted to provide a place of permission in which curates can learn and grow in their ministries.

When I was invited in 2007 to become an Examining Chaplain I saw it as an opportunity and an honour to serve the wider church. In my short time in the role I have been enormously encouraged by the quality of people testing a call to ordained ministry. God is calling gifted, faith-filled and passionate people to serve in the Anglican Church - our church clearly has a place of influence in God’ future.


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