​Mr Rowan Callick,
Asia-Pacific Editor for The Australian

Rowan Callick is a journalist who has lived and worked in Britain – where he grew up – Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong and China. He is currently Asia-Pacific editor of The Australian newspaper.

He graduated with a BA Honours in Theology and Sociology from Exeter University. Then he worked for a daily newspaper in the north east before moving to Papua New Guinea as information officer for the Anglican church, which was then on the verge of becoming a full province with its own Archbishop.

He had been immersed in ecumenical youth work in England, and had been accepted by the Archdiocese of York for ordination training, and thought it would be helpful to experience working with the church in the developing world before taking up his place in theological college.

But he learned in the process, that his first vocation as a journalist could also be one that gave him great opportunities to serve God. Soon, he became the Anglicans’ contribution, as editor in chief, to the development of an ecumenically owned publishing, printing and retail group in PNG, Word Publishing. He ended up staying in PNG for 11 years.

In 1987 he moved to Australia, working for almost 20 years for The Australian Financial Review, finally as Asia Pacific Editor. From 1990-1992 he was a senior writer with Time magazine. He joined The Australian at the start of 2006, as China Correspondent. After three years in Beijing, he moved to Melbourne, as Asia-Pacific Editor at the start of 2009.

In Melbourne, he has been a lay preacher, an adviser to The Melbourne Anglican, and a vestry member at St James’, Thornbury. He is married with two children.

He has been over the last 15 years, for different periods, a member of the National Advisory Council on Aid Policy, of the board of the Australia Indonesia Institute, and of the Foreign Minister's Foreign Affairs Council

He won the Graham Perkin Award for Journalist of the Year for 1995, and two Walkley Awards, for Asia-Pacific coverage, for 1997 and 2007.

Rowan has been an examining chaplain since 2009, and has found it an exciting and uplifting experience. He says: I am especially interested in how the church adapts to new experiences and opportunities, as I have had to do in my own life, including living as an expatriate in different countries, and as a migrant here in Australia.

It is terrific to be able to meet the people of all cultures and backgrounds who are discerning their vocations in and with the church. Nothing less than a privilege.


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