The Archbishop's Year

Immediately following ordination, the Archbishop's Year assists deacons to gain competence in the pastoral offices of the church.

A group of Examining Chaplains oversee and attend each Archbishop’s Year session, along with the Director of Theological Education and Training, the Venerable Robert Presland.

Deacons meet for five training days and a three-day training conference. Training days are compulsory. To compensate parishes or agencies for the deacons' time away, the Diocese reimburses 66% of the deacons' annual superannuation levy.

This group meets at St. Matthias’ North Richmond. Presenters are skilled practitioners and experts in their particular fields and we appreciate the time and effort each puts into the task. Two presenters of different churchmanship may work together and articulate some of the differences in their approach and theology.

Time is set aside for worship and for prayer in small groups, with deacons taking turns to lead. Over morning tea and a catered lunch, there is informal sharing of ministry. A sense of collegiality and respect between deacons is fostered.


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