Diocesan candidates 2014

The faces in the table below are currently candidates for ordination in the Diocese of Melbourne.

Ordination candidates for 2014
Oyem Amaylek  
Hopes for the future: 


​Paul Carr

Personal:I am married to Elsa. We are blessed with three wonderful children, Zola-Belle 10, Pacha da Luz 7, Zedekiah Tomas 6. In 2012, we moved to Australia from England and have been warmly welcomed. We have a long history of worship in the Anglican church. I have a career in the Health service, a passion for people, our communities, and justice – and a love for beaches, swim, bike, and run!
Calling:To love and serve the Lord in all aspects of life – To carry forward the work that Jesus began and to work for healing across societies and its people at all levels.
Hopes for the future:To be an ambassador for God – To see people come to faith and win people for Christ – To appreciate every moment as a gift, and run the race with passion, peace, and purpose.

Michael Bird

Personal: Michael is a former career soldier, currently lecturer in Theology at Ridley College, and is married to Naomi, with whom he has four children, Alexis, Alyssa, Markus, and Theodore.

Calling: Michael feels a call to be a mediator between the church and academy and to engage in the priestly duty of proclaiming the gospel.

Future: Michael hopes to continue to train priests, pastors, and leaders for the church, enrich others through his writing and speaking, and one day help plant an Arabic-speaking Anglican church in Melbourne.

Christy Capper 
Hopes for the future: 


Fionna Chia
Personal: Married to Andrew with a beautiful daughter Amber.
Calling: To preach and teach the good news of the Kingdom of God.
Hopes for the future: To bless just as I have been blessed.

Matthew Connolly
Personal: I am married to Penelope, and we have 3 delightful young daughters.
Calling:My calling and passion is to preach the Word, to encourage the church to be involved in outreach, and to equip individuals to grow in Christ and reach their full potential.
Hopes for the future: To be Christ’s ambassador and fulfil the ministry God has called me to, to minister to those under my care and be His instrument to connect the unchurched to Christ.

Samuel Crane
Personal: I am married to Annabelle and we are expecting our first child in November
Calling: To be a light in the darkness, Christ's ambassador, a preacher of God's Word, and an encourager of God's people. To be a loving husband and father, a faithful servant of the Most High God.
Hopes for the future: To reach the end of my days and be welcomed into heaven as a good and faithful servant. In the interim, to complete my studies well, becoming closer and more dependent on God and better equipped to serve God and his people. I also hope to grow as a man of God, faithful and holy, and as a husband and father.

Hannah Craven
Personal: I am married to Tom, and we have one son, Liam. I spend a lot of time drinking take-away coffees in the park!
Calling: I am passionate about helping people to really think through their faith intelligently and honestly, in a way that takes seriously the difficult realities of life. I want people to know and experience the freedom and healing that Jesus can work in our lives, and the joy and hope that he offers.
Hopes for the future: In the short-term - to somehow manage the competing demands of family and ministry, and eventually finish my studies!
Christine Croft
Hopes for the future:

Michael Danaher 
Personal: I am married to Kim and we live with Henry (spoodle puppy) and Sassy (5 year old ragdoll). I have a 24 year old daughter (Chloe) and 21 year old twin sons (Connor and Lachlan) from a previous marriage, and a 28 yeard old step-daughter (Angelina).
Calling: My calling is to parish ministry, where I hope to be able to help the parish community create an environment where people can come and have an experience of God.
Hopes for the future:  I hope to complete my studies and other diocesan requirements by the end of 2015 so that I can be ordained in February of 2016.


Andrew Esnouf 
Hopes for the future: 
Karl Forsyth
Personal: I am married to Meredith. We have three children: Jemima, Piper and Fergus.
Calling: Meredith and I long to see people transformed by the gospel. Working within parish ministry presents a wonderful opportunity to assist God in his transforming work.
Hopes for the future: I hope to live out a godly life in full obedience to our risen Lord and Saviour. As I do this I want to encourage by my example, teaching and through the work of the Spirit, others to do likewise.

Daniel Gebert
Personal: Rose and I live in the inner south west of Melbourne. I previously worked as a software engineer and some hobbies I enjoy are listening to and playing music, and being outdoors.
Calling: I believe God has given me a passion for pastoral ministry, Bible teaching, and has called me to serve the church in an ordained capacity.
Hopes for the future: I hope to help lead a congregation committed to worshipping Jesus, growing in love for each other, and excited about reaching our local community with the gospel.

Peter Greenwood
Hopes for the future:
Ruth Hanlon
Personal: Married to Michael with four beautiful children.  I love to walk and revel in God's creation, to jog, bike ride, read, cook, have coffee with a friend, travel, sing and worship.
Calling:  To worship and serve God with all my being, to proclaim the Gospel - the good news of the saving grace through Jesus.
Hopes for the future:  To fulfill my calling! To proclaim the Gospel wherever God leads me.
Gladwyn Hughes
Hopes for the future:
Mark Juers
Personal: I am married to Erin and we have one son, Reuben.
Calling: To serve a local church and see it nourished with God's Word.
Hopes for the future: To grow in my capacity as a faithful minister and to continue serving God and his people.
​Louise Lang
Hopes for the future:
Rachel Lie 
Personal: I came from West Malaysia, Penang. I am married to Hoc Lie and we have two beautiful boys, Tristan Samuel who is two and half years old and Kieren Jedidiah, 6 months old.
Calling: my ministry passion is to see the church shaped by and growing in God’s word and applying biblical truths in life. I like to learn and grow together as a body of Christ and encourage one another to learn to give and take in God’s family.
Hopes for the future:  As we have two boys to raise I feel that I have a strong desire to help raise the next generation to be godly disciples of Christ.  This desire is shared with Hoc that we may raise our boys to be godly men.  This ministry would extend to young parents as well.

​​Kian Gee Lim
Personal: I was born and raised in Singapore. I am married to Stella and we  have three wonderful sons. My first language is Mandarin and I am also able to fluently speak English, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Teochew.
Calling: My calling is to pray and to minister the Word by proclaiming the gospel and making disciples, feeding the sheep of our Lord Jesus in accordance with the Scriptures. Also to encourage those brothers and sisters who are parents to take up the responsibility of teaching their children in accordance with Biblical principles.
Hopes for the future: My hope and prayer is to lead a congregation that is willing to pass on the faith from one generation to the next to build a church that honors God through all generations.

David Mabior Lual
Personal: Married to Elizabeth, with 6 children. I was a Sudanese lost boy and had ten years in the South Sudanese Army as a child soldier. My family and I came to Australia as refugees in 2005 after 10 years in refugee camps in Kenya.
Calling: My parents enrolled me in a school founded by CMS when I was 9 years old. This was the first time that I heard of a God greater than the African god of my parents. My faith was reactivated in the refugee camp and I became an evangelist in the camp.
Hopes for the future: I believe God is helping me to build understanding between the Sudanese community and those in my local church. I hope that together we will be able to expand our ministry and witness to the broader community.

Jonathan Lopez
Personal: I was recently married to Rachael and in my spare time I enjoy coaching boxing, long distance running and playing guitar.
Calling:    I feel called to parish ministry, preaching God's word and pastorally caring for the lost and hurting.  I have a strong desire to build relationships with the intention of sharing the gospel.
Hopes for the future: I would love to be involved in ministry in Melbourne's western suburbs, reaching out to the many different cultures God has enriched Australia with. With the different experiences in ministry God has given me I hope to use all of them for His glory in future ministry.

Kirk MacKenzie 
Personal: Married to Renee with a little girl.
Calling: Working with young people and introducing them to Jesus.
Hopes for the future:  Be a leader in a ministry that sees lots of young people become Christians for the long haul.

Mark McDonald
Personal:  Married to Lisa with two sons, Jesse and Aidan.  My wife and I enjoy exploring Melbourne with our boys, especially if we can have a good coffee.
Calling:  I feel called to help create local churches that engage all ages especially youth and young adults. 
Hopes for the future: After so many years working in youth ministry I hope to see my boys thrive in an active youth ministry.  It would be great to lead a church where youth and young adults were active and valued.

Mark Mickelborough
Personal: I am engaged to Kim, work as a park ranger and enjoy spending time in the mountains skiing, fishing, walking and contemplating God’s creation.
Calling: I have a passion to serve in ministry outside of a parish setting, to offer chaplaincy in the workplace. I believe that God’s love can be demonstrated through a ministry of pastoral care and peer support in this context.
Hopes for the future: To follow God’s call to ministry and explore the possibilities for chaplaincy in the workplace, schools and to 'care for creation'.
Michele Moorhouse
Personal: Married to Philip, with a daughter at uni, and two teenage sons. Have managed to combine roles of part-time graphic designer and full-time mum through my working life.
Calling: Loving God, serving his people and doing mission. Exploring ministry with the disabled and their families.
Hopes for the future: To enjoy the journey to ordination, and to see God's transformative love and power at work, a life at a time.

Elizabeth Murray
Personal: I have lived in Melbourne all my life, growing up in Moonee Ponds. I live in Essendon with my sister Christine and our cat Percy.
Calling: I believe I am called to parish ministry, to serve, nurture and deepen the faith of God’s people in Word and Sacrament.
Hopes for the future:I hope to serve God and the Church that seeks to live out the Scriptures wherever I will be of most use.

Colin Oakley
Personal: I am married to Anthea and we have two 'children' and two dogs, one of whom (child) lives at home still. My interests include music, reading, dogs and art.
Calling:My calling is to parish ministry, to see God's people healed and empowered to fulfil their calling. I love to see people working with our Lord wherever that place and role maybe, in our commission to baptise and make disciples. I want to see God's people explore their identity in Jesus and to see where he leads and grows them.

Hopes for the future: My hope is be serving as a part of the body of Christ in the place where the Lord is calling me, worshipping and serving together, seeing the gospel proclaimed and hearts changed. I long to see people sent out from church to reach others. I wish to hear, "well done good and faithful servant".

Conrad Parsons
Personal: I attend St Mark's Camberwell, am married to Wendy and our children are Natasha, Harmoni and William.
Calling: I believe God wants me to be fully equipped and set apart for ministry leadership within the Church.
Hopes for the future: I would like to serve where I can do the most good.

John Raike
Hopes for the future:

Joseph Rezaei
Personal: The Lord has blessed me with my wife Silvia who loves God and we have started the journey of faith in Christ Jesus and ordination process together. I love gardening and bird watching and sometimes I do glass painting in my spare time. I enjoy Melbourne's weather and it's old church buildings and I love the tradition, the Common Book of Prayer and the Anglican heritage.
Calling: I am called to parish ministry and I love to see a revival across Melbourne, seeing many experiencing God's grace through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. I love evangelism, preaching God's word and teaching ministry.
Hopes for the future: To serve the Lord as He directs me.

Matthew Scheffer
Personal: I'm married to Fiona and we have a beautiful little girl, Katie.
Calling: To serve God and his people, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.
Future: To see God work in and through me and my family, as I complete my studies and serve him in ordained ministry.
Peter Shih
Hopes for the future:
Jacqui Smith
Personal: Quiet spot, cat, book, merlot and chocolate = a perfect day.
Calling: To the elders in our society, to encourage them that it is possible to be a Simeon or an Anna in our generation; that they still have something positive to bring to the world.
Hopes for the future: To actually reach ordination!

Ben Soderlund
Personal: Ben lives in Parkville with his wife Rowan while he studies at Ridley Melbourne. He works part time as a policy adviser at the Victorian Treasury.
Calling: To be a Minister in Christ's Church.
Hopes for the Future: To see the Church in Melbourne renewed, and to play his part in bringing Generation Y into the Kingdom of God.

Anthony Stones
Personal: I have been blessed wonderfully with a supportive wife Jo, and three boys, Harvey 11, Kaleb 9 and Tristan 7.
Calling: To serve the Lord and his people in Gospel ministry, where ever God would have me be. Feel a pull towards, Parish, kids ministry and industrial chaplaincy.
Hopes for the future: Through the rest of my studies, to get to know and love God more so as to be equipped for a lifetime (the rest of it anyway) of serving him and his people.

Silvia Syf
Personal: I am married to Joseph. I love spending time with God in prayer, reading good Christian books, walking our dog on the beach.
Calling: I believe our wonderful Lord and Saviour has called me to serve Him in parish ministry to teach and preach, to encourage others to grow in their faith.
Hopes for the future: I hope to grow in the knowledge of God, and to learn how to apply this in my everyday life. I hope that by God's grace I will be able to help those that the Lord brings in to my life to experience the saving grace of the Risen Lord and live for His glory.

Lachlan Thompson
My calling has come through work outside the church in our local community and my profession as an engineer. I discovered many people seek God at various stages of their lives but are not sure they are prepared for the formality of the church. Encouraged by my parishioners and family I have answered God's call to commit to the broader community.
Moe Win Tun Kin
Personal: I was born in Burma. I grew up in Thai-Burma border refugee camp. I have been living in Australia for eight years now. I like singing and i write songs about suffering life and also gospel songs. I like sharing and telling my story of suffering life and spiritual journey and my Karen people suffering story through my songs.
Calling: I believe God has a big purpose sending me here in Australia to do His ministry in this multiculture country.
Hope for the future: I want to improve my English. And i want to learn to become one of a great Jesus disciple who will carry on His mission or ministry.

Duku Wolikare
Personal: Australian of Sudanese descent, with refugee experience, background of social and community services. Married with one daughter and God willing another on the way in January.
Calling: To the ordained ministry in the area of multicultural ministry – its benefits and challenges.
Hopes for the Future: To share my experience of living out the Christian faith effectively under heavy anti-Christian pressure, and hopefully stir up my fellow believers into renewed and stronger faith and action to regain lost ground and restore lost glory.

Alan Xue
Personal : I am married to Renee and we have two daughters, Oriana and Gloria.
Calling : I believe I am called to look for the wandered sheep and shepherded them for God.
Hopes for the future : To serve God to fulfill my calling.


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