​The Revd Stephen Delbridge is Coordinator of Health Chaplains

Reverend Stephen Delbridge

Stephen Delbridge is the Anglican Chaplain, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Coordinator of Anglican Health Chaplains.

Stephen’s calling is to be in ministry with people who are on the edges. Most people he talks to in hospital are not church goers, but they are asking spiritual questions about who God is. Stephen says his desire to work with people at risk or on the edge comes from his view of God, as he believes God sits with those on the edge.

What is unique about sector ministry such as hospital chaplaincy is that its focus is ecumenical. Stephen says chaplains work across the hospital rather than across denomination, and he loves that aspect of it.

He explains that there is a team of 100 chaplains working in Victoria’ major hospitals across the denominations, and the multidenominational teamwork is very important to all of them. In his role as coordinator of Anglican health chaplains, Stephen is supporting 15 Anglican health chaplains, providing training, pastoral support and facilitating the ministry.

Stephen believes hospital chaplaincy is a very effective mission or vocation for those who have a call to be with people on the edge, but he warns:  “if you want it neat and tidy, don’t do hospital chaplaincy. “

Stephen explains that you need to reflect on faith and where God is in these places, and to have the strength to let go and move on.


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