From Ordination to Priest-in-charge

The journey through ordination to priest-in-charge is carefully structured and very thorough. It can take up to eleven years.

The eleven year program to form and train Christian men and women who are called to full time ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne is as follows:

Year 1 - The Year of Discernment

This follows an interview process in which the Director of Network 1:28 invites individuals to attend the Year of Discernment, at which point they are known as Aspirants.

During the Year of Discernment, aspirants attend seven sessions before meeting with at least two Examining Chaplains, who will advise whether to recommend the Aspirant to a Selection Conference.

The Selection Conference assesses Candidature, and if recommended, ‘vocation as a Priest, or a vocation as a Distinctive Deacon.’ At this point if invited to do so, the Aspirant becomes a Diocesan Candidate.

Years 2 to 5 - Theological Study

The Diocesan Candidate undertakes theological training at either Ridley Melbourne or Trinity College Theological School and at the same time is linked with an Examining Chaplain. The Examining Chaplain interviews each Candidate twice a year and forwards reports to the Director of Network 1:28.

Whilst in College Diocesan Candidates are required to have Supervised Theological Field Education (STFE) placements and undertake a Clinical Pastoral Education program.

STFE placements are supervised by each College.

Years 5 to 6 - Preparing for Ordination

Towards the end of theological training the Network 1:28 Director receives reports from the Theological College and STFE Committee about a Candidate’s readiness for Ordination.

These reports are sent to the Examining Chaplains who interview each Candidate and make recommendations to the Archbishop about the readiness of Diocesan Candidates for Ordination.

If the person is recommended for Ordination and the Archbishop accepts that recommendation the persons moves from being a Diocesan Candidate to an Ordinand.

During the period August to February every effort is made to arrange a ministry appointment for the Ordinand which will be their first Curacy.

On the Wednesday prior to Ordination the Ordinands have a rehearsal in the Cathedral before going away on retreat.

Year 6 - The Archbishop’s Year

After Ordination the person is referred to as a Deacon. All Deacons attend the Archbishop’ Year, which involves five one day sessions and a three day residential conference under the supervision of the Archbishop.

Some Deacons continue as Deacons, others become Priests. For the latter at the end of their first year as Deacons, reports are sent to the Network 1:28 Director and the Examining Chaplains from Vicars, Supervisors and Field Committees concerning the Deacon’ progress. Deacons preparing for ordination are interviewed by the Examining Chaplains who make recommendation to the Archbishop concerning their readiness. After Ordination they are referred to as Priests.’

Years 7 to 8 - Ministry Development Program

Second and third year Curates, whether they are Distinctive Deacons or Priests attend the Ministry Development Program. This involves five one day sessions and a three day residential conference each year.

Year 9 - Supervisor Training

Fourth year Curates attend a Supervisor Training Program to further equip them for tasks in ministry. This involves five one day training sessions.

At the end of the fourth year, Curates usually become Priests in Charge under the direction of the Regional Bishop and are required by the Archbishop to attend EPIC.

This two year program involves twelve one day sessions and one three day residential conference.




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