Child with Bible

My vision is that churches will welcome children in Jesus’ name, with a mature understanding that children are welcome in the kingdom of heaven and belong in our communities of faith.

Some of the indicators I look for in churches are:

  • that children are welcomed and spiritually nurtured in our congregations;
  • that the presence of children in worship is valued and encouraged;
  • that their parents are supported and encouraged as they bring up their children;
  • that churches reach out to families and children in their local communities with the good news of Jesus’ love.

The bit that many churches seem to struggle with is how to value and encourage the presence of children in worship.

I often think of Jesus’ amazing words in Matthew 21.15-16, where he is quoting Psalm 8.2 in response to the indignation of the Jewish leaders in reaction to the children noisily praising Jesus in the temple.

Whenever someone is telling me why having children in church every Sunday wouldn’t work in their parish, I quietly wonder what Jesus would say.

To read more, download the Children in our Worship? resource here.