family practices book cover

I love it when I find books by Australian authors that make me want to say, “This is exactly the kind of book I have been looking for to give …”.

In the case of Family practices this is exactly the kind of book that I have been looking for to give Children & Families Ministers when they ask me, “how can we help the families in our church nurture the faith of their kids at home?” I think this is a wonderful book to put in the hands of the parents in your congregations.

To quote the blurb on the back cover:

“Family practices is about everyday life. It’s about what you do when:

    • you wake up in the morning
    • you observe national holidays
    • your child starts school
    • you shift house
    • you have disagreements.

Family practices contains more than 700 ideas – simple practices that can be used by Christian families in many different life situations – with discussion questions, prayer and Bible texts to help with the adventure of living Christian faith at home.”

This would also be a great book to use as a jumping off point to create your own resources for nurturing family faith. Think about weekly or monthly resource sheets that give opportunities to explore, think about, pray over and commit to the things that are important to families in your own local setting.

Send an email to the Children and Families Ministry Facilitator for more assistance locating this and other useful Children's & Families Ministry titles:


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