Children have an innate spirituality; if their capacity for prayer is nurtured from the earliest age, they do not have to be “taught” to pray any more than they have to be taught to breathe; but just as we can learn to breathe more effectively, children learn how to sustain prayer as a life-long practice through teaching and example.

Parents can pray for their children (even before they are born) and with their children from the earliest age. A simple prayer of blessing as part of the bedtime routine is a great start to teaching children the language and vocabulary of prayer.

Prayer is not just words we say; it is an expression of relationship with God. So it is also about our attitude and about listening.

Children learn attitude from their parents; if Mum and Dad naturally turn to God throughout the day, asking for help when the going is tough and giving thanks for the blessings, so will children.

Opportunities to experience prayer in church settings, to participate in corporate prayer and in small group prayer as children grow up will help them develop an understanding of prayer as a dialogue between God and his people.

The amazing thing for us adults is realising that our children are teaching us as we experience their capacity to trust and respond to God.


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