children learning

Children learn by:


Tell children stories, with enthusiasm and dramatic effect. Vary pitch and intensity to match the mood of the story. Give characters an appropriate voice. Use sound effects, music, rhythm and beat.


Use diagrams, charts, photos, objects; videos, puppets, drama, hand signals, body movements. All kinds of visual aids help create interest and assist children to understand and remember.


Children become engaged in learning as they talk about it. Use questions, interviews, sharing ideas, opinions and feelings with partners, small group, the whole group; present a report or drama to the congregation (combined with visual aids); let children pray, sharing their ideas, opinions and feelings with God.


Activity creates interest, stimulates the imagination and gives opportunity for children to engage with and process ideas. Involve children in the story telling by letting them use sound effects, actions, joining in on repetitions, reading along when you read picture story books. Make posters, murals, models, books; draw, paint, colour in (occasionally), write. Use playdough, clay, paper crafts, felts and fabrics. Do group projects and individual things. Let some things be a means to an end and do some things just for the sheer fun of doing them.