... to working with children in Christian ministry

This skinny little book, with one of the longest titles I’ve come across, really does live up to its name.

With twenty-seven chapters, each one or two pages long, it is packed full of Really Useful information, ideas, principles and strategies that anyone working with children in Christian ministry needs to know. As the blurb on the back cover says, “…this is core information for those getting started and a valuable ready-reference for the experienced.”

The table of contents makes it easy to flip to the page you want and each chapter covers its topic clearly and concisely. This is a great little book to give to all your children’s ministry team members, even the busy ones that don’t like reading books.

The one thing this Must Have little book doesn’t include is a bibliography of the books that every children’s minister would want to read. Maybe that will be included in the second edition.

For more information

The guide is published by Scripture Union, and is available for $4-95 from their Resource Centre. Visit the SU website to find out more.

Or send an email to the Children and Families Ministry Facilitator for more assistance locating this and other useful Children's & Families Ministry titles: