WWC card-holders can now go online to update their personal details with the Department of Justice. It is quick and easy to change contact details (a new address or phone number) or change the list of organisations that you work for (volunteer or employed). Go to the Department of Justice Working With Children website and click on ‘Update my details'.

There are three options:

  • Change your details online (you need to register and receive a password).
  • Call the Information Line, Tel: 1300 652 879 (you may have to wait for some time but you can then speak to an officer and update all your information).
  • Download a ‘Change of Personal Details’ form to fill out and post to the Department of Justice.

Now is a good time for parishes to remind volunteer leaders and paid staff to update their details. Many WWC cards will be due for renewal soon. This process will be much smoother if personal details, including current employers, are up to date.