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Top Tips on Welcoming special children is a 32 page small book (booklet if you like) that takes a very practical approach to encouraging churches and those engaged in ministry with children and families to consider how they can be welcoming and inclusive of children with special needs, including the support and care of families.

The introduction says, “We can thank God that we are all made differently and each of us has a unique place in his world. But what does that mean in reality when we talk about our church activities being accessible to all … this book will give you some ideas and tools to make your church and its activities welcoming to children with special needs and their families, a place where all can learn about our amazing God.”

The teaching experience of author Denise Abrahall is evident on every page of this book, along with her compassion for and enjoyment of children with special needs and her passion to help churches engage effectively and appropriately with families that are under-represented in most church congregations.

Although this is a small book, there is a lot of practical and helpful detail that would be useful for anyone involved in children’s ministry and also for clergy and other church leaders who want to think about how to encourage their local church to develop a welcoming and inclusive approach to those with special needs.

Many of the ideas can be applied in small church settings, so this is not one of those books that will only work in mega-churches. But larger congregations will also find ideas in here that will work for them if there are people willing to get involved in supporting ministry to children with special needs.

A useful feature is the list of websites and books towards the end of the book. The only problem is that the websites are mostly UK based, which means that some of the information is specific to the British context, but there are plenty of resources that are helpful.

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Welcoming special children is a Scripture Union publication and is available from the SU Resource Centre.

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