Children don’t grow in status and importance in the eyes of God as they grow up. Being an adult doesn’t make us more able to please God, or even better able to serve God. Children are precious to God just because they are children.

Is your church a community that welcomes families and children into your worship, not just into your Sunday School? Our churches can be communities that value and support families, that treat children with warmth and affection, that enjoy the contributions the children make to corporate worship and that invite them to participate equally with the adults as they respond to God’s love and care.

The Children and Families and Playgroups pages are regularly updated with lots of ideas and resources, to inspire and help churches in their ministry to families and children.

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Dorothy Hughes is the Playgroups Ministries Coordinator and the Children and Families Ministry Facilitator.

For further information contact the Children and Families Ministry Facilitator via email:


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