christmas tree

Do you have a playgroup that is making connections with families from your local community? Are you looking for opportunities to build relationships and introduce playgroup families to Christian families?

Here is an idea that will take some work and commitment but has the potential to be lots of fun.

In early December have a Christmas Dinner for the playgroup parents.

Ask members of the parish to volunteer to help, either on the night or with preparations leading up to the event.

Volunteers could help with catering, table setting and decorations, waiting on tables, clearing up and kitchen duties.

The choir or music group could present carols or other music related to Christmas. Think about the gifts and abilities of the people in your parish and invite them on board.

You could have a book stall stocked with titles that relate to parenting, Christmas, spirituality, children’s books suitable for Christmas gift-giving, or whatever else you think would be relevant or helpful to the parents you are inviting.

Think about your purpose in inviting parents. Is it to build relationships? If so, concentrate on this and resist the temptation you may feel to add an evangelistic presentation. It may be appropriate to have information on Christmas service times, children’s and youth ministry events, Alpha or other faith inquiry courses the parish may be running in the new year, available for people to take if they want to.

Most importantly have people who will pray for the playgroup families, and for the event.