music book cover
​Click the image above to download the Music in Playgroups booklet.

We need to remember to keep music play-based as this is what playgroup is all about.

At playgroup music is important because it can:

  • Influence feelings and moods; encourage musical talents; foster children’s natural love of music;

  • Help children be aware of the rhythms that surround them; assist children’s language development;

  • Free children to release their feelings and give freedom of expression;

  • Improve memory; introduce maths concepts; improve rhythm & co-ordination;

  • Aid listening skills; help children learn to be part of a group and be a team player;

  • Support cultural experiences; boost self esteem, self image and sense of accomplishment;

  • Be a teaching tool for many life skills ie cooperation, sharing, having fun together;

  • Teach basic musical concepts - beat (regular), rhythm (varies fast or slow), pitch (high and low);

  • Give children a confidence to create their own songs and tunes; bond child with adult as they enjoy music together.


You will need plastic bottles of different shapes with lids that can be secured; split peas, barley, rice, to half-fill the bottles.

Secure the lids so nothing can escape and be inhaled and there you have your shakers.

Rhythm Sticks

Strong small wooden spoons or pieces of dowel that can be struck together. Make sure they have been sanded smooth.