child with block

One of the challenges of planning activities for playgroup is the need to cater for a wide range of children at different ages and stages of development.

Open-ended activities, which the children can interact with on their own terms, according to their interest and abilities, will cater for children of different ages. Always include activities such as playdough, water, sand, music, rhymes, paint, books & stories, and set them up so that children can interact with them in a variety of ways according to their interest and stage of development.

Think about the different children and how you can make activities accessible for them. For example, if you have younger children who put everything in their mouths, make playdough without salt for them. It is important to cater for all the children in the playgroup. This can seem daunting. But it is worth taking time to observe how children play and use the activities you provide and adapting them to the children’s interests and abilities.

Read more about providing appropriate play experiences for playground-aged children, and different ages and stages, by downloading the resource, 'Planning playgroup programs'.