child painting

The Christian Playgroup Network is an interdenominational incorporated association promoting the value of playgroups as a relevant outreach ministry for Christian churches in the twenty-first century. The association is run by volunteers who are passionate about the potential of playgroups and wish to share this passion with other playgroup leaders.

Playgroup Victoria is a not for profit peak body that since 1974 has helped thousands of families join, start and run playgroups for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their parents or caregivers.

The Raising Children Network is an Australian Government sponsored website developed with the help of Australian parents and professionals. It's a great resource for parents with children aged 0-8 years, and for anyone helping parents.

Go to Enchanted Learning for craft projects for preschoolers. With adult supervision and guidance, even toddlers can make most of these simple projects. The crafts use materials found around the house, like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint and glue.

Sunsmart provides up-to-date, helpful information for enjoying the outdoors safely. Playgroups can apply to be Sunsmart Playgroups.

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