Parish youth ministry

Many of the parishes in the Diocese of Melbourne have some form of ministry to young people. These consist of a range of activities like:

  • breakfast clubs
  • homework clubs
  • community outreach events
  • outreach into schools
  • activities for young people within the parish
  • bible studies
  • youth services
  • youth camps
  • and more

Some ministries are in their infancy, some have grown to maturity, some are struggling and others thriving. We acknowledge the sacrificial service of the many volunteers involved in these ministries, the dedicated service of the few employed youth ministers, and the visionary leadership of clergy involved in doing ministry to youth.

The regional youth officers are set apart to support parishes in ministry to youth... helping further develop existing ministries, and to start up new ministries.

 How we can help you

The Diocese has a youth ministry coordinator. Below are some of the things we do.  We are more than happy to tailor support for your parish - please contact us by email to find out more:

Daniel Nyieth

North-West Region Youth Facilitator


What we do: 

  • Consultancies for parishes interested in exploring youth ministry
  • Support for clergy and vestries in relation to developing a vision for youth ministry, and with recruiting, supporting & supervising youth ministry leaders
  • Support for leaders (volunteer / employed) of youth ministries, through prayer, mentoring, training, network opportunities, pastoral care
  • Training camps for leaders and potential leaders
  • Camps and events for youth
  • Preaching and teaching at camps, youth events and service.

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