Youth Ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne includes parish youth groups, leadership training and regional events. Its purpose is to make the Word of God fully known among young disciples of Jesus Christ.  We want to see every parish working to become a community that reflects the character of Jesus, inviting young people to become Jesus disciples and influencing the society around them to embrace Jesus’ values.

What we offer

We have a Youth Ministry Consultant who is assisting us to build our capacity for ministry among young people. He is focused currently on developing, training and supporting youth leaders. Your parish can access his assistance in five ways:


We have a small community of coaches that helps volunteer leaders in the diocese develop parish youth ministry. These trained vocational youth ministers are in parish ministry and offer guidance and support to youth leaders from other parishes. Each one coaches 4 to 6 youth leaders and meets with them as a group from time to time for shared learning. Please contact the Youth Ministry Consultant if you would like your unpaid youth ministry leader to access this support.

Communities of practice

The youth ministry program is built around a community of practice, where youth ministers learn and develop together.  Groups can be simple with a duration of 3-4 months, or more comprehensive and stretch over 2-3 years. Our first network was created by female stipended youth ministers and is open to new members. Our second network is being formed now and will be open to all stipended youth ministers. There is also a network that gathers monthly at Ridley College. Please inform the Youth Ministry Consultant if you would like to create a network in your region.


Sometimes ministers welcome conversations that might help them think through a specific youth ministry challenge. Our Youth Ministry Consultant is available for a chat to talk over your specific situation and help you find a way forward. You may not have enough teenagers to form a group and want to discuss ways to connect them with others through regional events. You may sense that it is time to start a new youth ministry program in your parish and want to gather church members for a strategic conversation. We can assist your team with its planning.


Youth Ministry training is available at Ridley College and Trinity College and can also be delivered in your deanery or parish. Training can often be tailored to fit the needs of your youth leaders with flexible times, a variety of content options and different levels of commitment. Training is either free or low cost. Seminars and workshops on Child Safety and our Code of Conduct are also available.

Cultural Learning Visits

Opportunities arise from occasionally to travel to Pacific islands nations such as Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea with a group to meet youth leaders in different cultures and to learn from them. Please contact the Youth Ministry Consultant if you would like to be considered for one of these future adventures.


Please email Conrad Parsons, our Youth Ministry Consultant, via cparsons@melbourneanglican.org.au or call/text 0437082899.


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