Many of our churches offer second hand clothes and goods to the community through an opportunity shop. Some of these are small concerns; others are very well developed with a commercial aspect. All of them are one of our public faces. All of them resource our church communities. All are ministry.

Opportunity shops are a great way of raising funds, providing affordable goods to people in need and acting as a point of contact with the community. Registry is the coordinating point for this informal network, organising Network meetings twice a year and producing a newsletter to help shop managers share ideas.

Opportunity shops can provide some of the financial backing needed for mission, whether for local parish or community causes, our
Diocesan community care organisations or overseas aid organisations. They’re also great places to find fun knick-knacks, useful objects, or that special item that ties an outfit together!

For advice on setting up an op shop at your church, please contact:
Richard Bruce
Co-ordinator Diocesan and Parish Partnerships
(03) 9653 4257

Setting up an opportunity shop

A handy guide to what you need to do to set up your own op shop

Setting up an Op Shop  [COMING SOON]238.92KB

Management of an opportunity shop

You’re up and running – now what? This document will help understand what you need to do in the everyday management of your op shop

Management of an Opportunity Shop  [COMING SOON]324.24KB

Incident report form

Sometimes accidents happen. This is document is used to report these workplace accidents as required by occupational health and safety legislation

Incident report form [COMING SOON]144.67KB