The Melbourne Anglican Diocesan Corporation Act 2015 was enacted by the 2015 Melbourne Synod and through this Act and the Memorandum of Understanding with both the Melbourne Anglican Trusts Corporation and Archbishop in Council, the Corporation, as a public company is responsible for the following functions:

• All legal obligations imposed on an employer
• All legal obligations imposed through an employer on employees or office holders
• The functions arising by virtue of s 11 of the MADC Act
• The functions conferred by or arising by virtue of the Superannuation of Clergy Act 2005, the Professional Standards Uniform Act 2016, the Episcopal Standards Act 2009 and the Parish Governance Act 2013

In practice, this means that the Corporation serves the Diocese in the following functions:

• Employment of

– all lay workers in the Anglican Centre;
– all lay workers in Parishes and other ministry contexts, through the office of the Parish [as described in the Parish Governance Act 2013];
– all clergy for the purposes of WorkCover in the State of Victoria [deemed employment], subject to license / authority of the Archbishop;

• Payroll
• Leave management and leave payment
• Workers’ compensation and other accident insurance
• Occupational health and safety
• Return to work
• Taxation, superannuation
• Oversight of the relationship with Kooyoora Pty Ltd in respect to:

– Clearance for Service and Ministry processes;o Clearance for Service and Ministry processes;
– Professional Standards complaint and matter handling;
– Reportable Conduct Scheme;
– Redress for Child Sexual Abuse and other matters

Ken Spackman was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Melbourne Anglican Diocesan Corporation (MADC) in conjunction with his role as Registrar, however as at 1 April 2019 the CEO role was officially split from the Registrar role (as of 1 July 2019 Mr Michael Urwin is the Registrar).

Business Services

Mr Ken Spackman
Chief Executive Officer (MADC)

Ms Nerine Draper
Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer (MADC)

Tel: (03) 9653 4220

Mr Peter Munns
Chief Financial Officer
Finance / Anglican Funds / Anglican Development Funds

Mr Matthew Wilson
Chief Operating Officer
Property & Risk / IT

Ms Hacy Tobias
Human Resources Director
Human Resources / Payroll

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