Review of Legislation Relating to Clergy - Videoconference Arrangements

  • There will be at least one meeting on each of the topics covered by summary papers C to J and one for everything else.
  • Anyone interested in being part of a meeting on any topic is asked to email the email address below. Synod members may attend meetings on as many different topics as they wish.
  • Attendance will be limited to about 20 participants, so that the actual number of meetings on each topic will be the number of people wanting to attend divided by ~20.
  • In addition to the “other” discussion, if Synod members want to discuss some other specific topic they are invited to identify it. If there are enough people interested in that topic, we will try to organize a meeting to discuss just that.
  • Please start expressing interest in meeting on topics as soon as possible, as so we can begin setting them up. We will close the lists on 14 August 2020, although that date will be reviewed.

All emails to

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