Professional Standards (including Child Safe) Training Seminars

It is a requirement of Archbishop in Council that all clergy, lay ministers, churchwardens, vestry members, people in prescribed lay offices and positions and volunteers in prescribed offices and positions attend this seminar. 

For details of which lay people and volunteers are required to attend, refer to the:
[Please note that this is the minimum requirement for all Lay Members/Volunteers.]

Please note that these training seminars are different to that of the OH&S training that was run in 2015 and the current Child Safe Standards Seminars.  These seminars have been updated from the previous PSA11 training that most Clergy have attended.  Topics include:

  • Royal Commission Recommendations
  • Types of Child Abuse
  • Criminal Law Reform
  • Grooming
  • Reportable Conduct Scheme
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • The Role of Kooyoora – What to Report
  • The Role of CCYP
  • Creating a Culture of Safety
  • Human Resources – Screening, WWCC
  • Complaints eg. Bullying, Harassment
  • Codes of Conduct – Faithfulness in Service & Child Safety Code of Conduct
  • Strategies to Include the Child’s Voice
  • Implementing the Child Safe Standards
  • Child Safe Risk Management Plan

Professional Standards Seminars should be completed every 3 years and anyone who has not attended a seminar in the past three year years should attend one this year.  

If you have attended a Professional Standards Act seminar in the past three years you do not need to attend this seminar again. If you have not attended any – you are required to do so as soon as possible if you are in a ministry role.

Due to COVID-19 the Professional Standards and Child Safe Seminars are being held via Zoom.  Clergy and ASLMs only may book currently due to limited availability but more training sessions will be made available soon.  Click here to register.
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