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Melbourne Anglican Foundation is proud to be a seed funder and supporter of The Prevention of Violence Against Women Program and the Church Planting and New Ministry Presence initiative of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. To learn more, view the videos below.

Who we are

The Melbourne Anglican Foundation began in 1987, inspired by the vision of Archbishop David Penman. The Foundation seeks to raise funds to facilitate the mission and ministry of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Melbourne, to enable the Church to think big and dream large about its future, and to maintain a Christian presence in the wider community. For example, we help support:

• Arts and culture through the Melbourne Anglican Cultural Organisation Inc
• Young people through the Melbourne Anglican Youth Ministry Fund 
• Welcoming new migrants and refugees through the Migrants and Refugees Settlement Fund 
• Journeying with and comforting the sick through the Melbourne Anglican Chaplaincy Fund 
• Assisting those doing it tough through the Melbourne Anglican Benevolent Society

What we do

The Foundation fosters mission and ministry across the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, and in the general community, by:

• Raising funds to assist the Archbishop and the Diocese fulfill its vision
• Providing tax deductibility for parish programs that benefit the mission of the church and the wider community
• Sustaining ministry to young people
• Promoting cultural activities
• Supporting chaplaincy in hospitals and healthcare
• Facilitating the resettlement, health and wellbeing of migrants and refugees.

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The Melbourne Anglican Benevolent Society supports projects assisting disadvantaged youth, families and individuals.


Melbourne Anglican Chaplaincy Fund

Anglican health care chaplaincy is underfunded and often, goes unnoticed. The Melbourne Anglican Foundation exists to support vital ministries just like these.


Enabling and encouraging visual arts, film, music and the written word to flourish throughout the Diocese.


Young people desperately seek real, tangible connections. This ministry provides just this through competent, qualified youth ministers, across the Diocese.


On arrival new migrants and refugees have multiple and often complex needs. Churches can apply to support those needing emergency accommodation, material aid and English language classes.