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Our vision as the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne is to make the word of God fully known. Our strategy to do so is built on Colossians 1: 24–29, from where our Vision Statement derives:

- Ordained and lay ministry - ordination 217 (5)

Every Christian is a servant of God and has a role to play in the lay or ordained ministry of the Church. Lay ministries range from helping out in various ways on an honorary part time basis, to full time work as a Stipendiary Lay Minister. The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne is committed to the ordination of men and women to all orders of ministry – deacons, priests and bishops.

- Multicultural Ministry - Mlango Choir sudanese glenn Buijs

Our diocese is home to hundreds of ethnic and language groups, and our Anglican community is just as diverse. The diocese’s multicultural ministry is working within these diverse cultural contexts to affirm God’s word in these communities. Today, you will find a significant amount of churches that offer services in languages other than English, and more that are working to cater to the diverse cultural needs of a culturally diverse community.

- Deacons - pic28a

Deacons take part in the liturgy of the church as well as serving in ministries at the intersection of church and world. Deacons ordained in the Diocese of Melbourne may be found in many areas of ministry.

- Chaplaincy -

A chaplain is a person who, in their capacity as a member of a religious organisation, provides pastoral care to people in need. A chaplain is usually attached to a particular facility including all major public hospitals, and aged care facilities auspiced by the church. 

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The Social Responsibilities Committee (SRC) is established by Act of Synod of the Diocese of Melbourne. The Committee’s object is to enable the Archbishop, clergy and people of the Diocese to discern and fulfil more effectively their collective and individual responsibilities as Christians to society.

- Indigenous ministry - dun-deagh-Aborginal-religious-art

There are five Aboriginal priests in the diocese who (alongside their normal duties) seek to educate the church and community about our people. If you would like to discuss matters of importance to First Nations people, you are invited to contact us.


Do you have a heart for God, for God’s people, and for the great many that have not yet heard or responded to the good news about our Lord Jesus Christ? Is it possible God is calling you to the ordained ministries of his church? The information on this website is provided to assist you in beginning to answer that question, and to help you explore that possible call, with the context of the Anglican Church.

- Children, youth and families - ken morgan school fete (4)

Did you know the Vision of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne is, “to make the Word of God fully known”? That means we see ministry for children, young people and families as an important part of who we are. After all, the next generation is the future of our Church in this beautiful city! For many parishes, the focus is on the families in their local area. Matthew 18.1-14 gives us an understanding of why it is important for churches to think strategically about mission and ministry to children, youth and families

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The Preventing Violence Against Women Program aims to equip leaders and churches to understand and challenge the attitudes, behaviours and cultures that lead to violence against women.

- Parish partnerships - Longreach Parish

For a faith community, Parish Partnerships are about recognising particular unmet needs through a prayerful and strategic process, and then developing resources to serve that need. The Parish Partnerships collaboration (Diocese, Anglicare Vic and the Brotherhood of St Laurence) has developed community discernment processes, as well as building on existing practices of working with parishes in the community.

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne seeks to be a compelling and outward looking presence in the communities of Melbourne and Geelong we serve,  engaged in the task of making the word of God fully known (Colossians 1.28). This vision shapes and informs all of our activities in a variety of ways.

Wominjeka: The office of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne stands on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri/Woiwurrung people of the Kulin Nation.
We pay our respects to elders past and present, and affirm our commitment to the work of reconciliation.

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