The Registrar

The Registrar of the Diocese is accountable to the Archbishop and, through the Archbishop, to the Synod.  Mr Malcolm Tadgell became Registrar in March 2020.

The Registrar provides high level organisation and strategic support to the ministry of the Archbishop and Assistant Bishops (the Episcopal leadership) and supports them in the implementation of the Diocesan Vision and Strategic Plan.  The Registrar also discharges the statutory functions reposed in that office holder under Synod legislation.   

The Registrar leads the Registry Office, who liaise with Anglican parishes, congregations and agencies within the Diocese of Melbourne.  The Registry team also liaise with external stakeholders, government, consultants and senior leaders on behalf of the Archbishop.

On behalf of the Archbishop, the Registry team administer the licensing regime of the Diocese and liaise with the Kooyoora Office of Professional Standards on clearances for ministry and service processes of the Diocese, including the maintenance of appropriate confidential records within Diocesan Office of licences, marriage celebrant registration, authorities and faculties.  

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