The Registrar

The Registrar of the Diocese is accountable to the Archbishop and, through the Archbishop, to the Synod.  The Registrar is Malcolm Tadgell.

The Registrar provides high level organisation and strategic support to the ministry of the Archbishop and Assistant Bishops and supports them in the implementation of the Diocesan Vision and Strategic Plan.  The Registrar also discharges the statutory functions under Synod legislation.  The Registrar is the Secretary of the Synod, the Archbishop in Council and the Melbourne Anglican Trust Corporation.   

The Registrar leads the Registry Office, which serves Parishes and Authorised Anglican Congregations within the Diocese, including in the following areas:

Clergy licensing and professional standards’ clearances (by engaging with Kooyoora)

Safe ministry 

Disability inclusion

Synod arrangements and matters of parish and Diocesan governance

Diocesan legislation, regulations and policies and procedures

Trust management 

Information reporting, records management and archives (see below), and

Compliance management. 

Diocesan Archives Centre

The Archives for the Diocese of Melbourne are housed in a purpose built Centre in North Fitzroy. It is staffed 2 days a week from 8am till 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Access is by appointment only.

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