The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne aims to deepen and broaden the prayer life of Melbourne Anglicans, both as individuals and as members of worshipping communities.

Resources on this page are targeted toward individuals as well as communities or parishes.

Prayer Diary

A resource for all Melbourne Anglicans, the prayer diary is sourced from the Worldwide Anglican Communion and Australian Anglican Communion’s cycles of prayer.

Worldwide Anglican Communion Cycle of Prayer

Prayer Diary April 2024

Prayer Diary March 2024

Liturgical Resources

Liturgical resources approved for use in the Diocese of Melbourne. These resources have been prepared by the General Synod Liturgy Commission or the Provincial Liturgical Committee and authorised for use by the Archbishop of Melbourne.

Select from the tabs below to download in either PDF or Word Doc formats.

Celebration of New Ministry
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Holy Baptism, Confirmation and Reception
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Service of Rememberance and Lament
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Prayers suitable for a Memorial Service
PDF download | Word Doc download

Prayers at a time of Necessity
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The Great Litany
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Christmas Prayers and Biddings
PDF download | Word Doc download

Aboriginal Gathering
PDF download | Word Doc download

Celebration of New Ministry
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Lectio Divina

Are you reading scripture in such a way that will enable you to hear the ‘voice of life, the call of God’? Margaret Crooks explains how, through an ancient Christian practice of meditation, Lectio Divina, the Scriptures can speak with new power and insight.


MP3 Files

Visit the pray-as-you-go website for daily (or weekly) MP3 prayer downloads.

Prayers for the Diocese

This is an aid to intercessory prayer and is compiled by the Reverend Ray Hartley (St John the Evangelist, Epping).

The churches, chapels and agencies of the Diocese are listed on the date of their feast of title, so that all may join in spirit with each congregation as they keep their festival. It may be printed as a booklet.

Praying for the Diocese of Melbourne (PDF)