The Anglican Development Fund (ADF) has operated in the Diocese of Melbourne since 1967. Its principle purpose is to raise investment funds from parishes and other members of the Anglican community, and then lend them to parishes and other Anglican institutions to finance capital developments within the Diocese.

Through the ongoing support of investors, the ADF is able to fund capital projects without which the Diocese and parishes in particular would be significantly disadvantaged.

These physical assets support the Church’s mission as determined by the various Parish Councils and Diocesan committees. The assets are made available by ADF lending at low rates to a wide range of Anglican bodies.

Effectively the ADF is a vehicle which enables those from our own community who have the funds to invest, to support those who have the need of funding for capital developments which enhance the community and the mission of the Church. Such an arrangement is in the best traditions of the Church and the mutual support and commitment that Christians have made to one another for decades.

The ADF is also involved in supporting parishes raise funds, sometimes for specific projects but also for day to day financing, through its Parish Giving accounts. It provides material support to parishes in stewardship programmes through providing a framework for parishioners to give to their church. This is a fee free service.

All investments in the Anglican Development Fund are guaranteed by the Diocese of Melbourne.

An investment in the ADF is designed for those who wish to support the religious and charitable purposes of the Diocese of Melbourne. Neither the ADF nor its parent, the Melbourne Anglican Trust Corporation are supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority. Investments in the ADF are not deposits and do not obtain the benefit of the depositor protection provisions of the Banking Act 1959.

Ten reasons to invest with ADF

  1. You will be making a tangible contribution to the ministry of your church.
  2. You will be supporting capital developments within your parish and within the Diocese.
  3. ADF charges no fees.
  4. Free use of the ADF’s credit card processing is available to parishes and Anglican organisations.
  5. Accounts holders are able to view transactions and account balances via ADF Online.
  6. Parishes may also transact on their accounts via ADF’s online service.
  7. There are experienced advisers to facilitate your next stewardship campaign.
  8. If the assets of ADF are insufficient to meet its financial obligations to the holders of debentures issued by ADF, then MATC, on behalf of ADOM, has guaranteed repayment where required.
  9. There is a flexible range of products available to suit your specific investment needs.
  10. You have friendly staff available to deal with your enquiries and they will be the same staff each time you contact us by telephone or by email.

Contact Us

For more information about the Anglican Development Fund, or to request an Application Form, contact us on:

Tel: (03) 9653 4220
Fax: (03) 9653 4239

ADF Online

ADF Online is a secure system designed to provide online access to account information. Parishes are also able to transact on their accounts via ADF Online.

For more information about, and to register for ADF Online please download the ADF Online Application Form below:

ADF Online Application Form
ADF Online Frequently Asked Questions
ADF Online Terms and Conditions


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