Did you know the Vision of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne is, “to make the Word of God fully known”? That means we see ministry for children, young people and families as an important part of who we are. After all, the next generation is the future of our Church in this beautiful city!

For many parishes, the focus is on the families in their local area. Matthew 18.1-14 gives us an understanding of why it is important for churches to think strategically about mission and ministry to children, youth and families:

  • children and youth belong in the kingdom of heaven and therefore in our churches;
  • the Church is held accountable for the spiritual well-being of children and youth;
  • God has a constant and particular care for each and every child.

Deuteronomy 6 also gives us some strategic information: that faith in God is set firmly in the context of community and in particular within the nurture of the family.

Local churches have a strategic opportunity in ministry to children, youth and families.

The three keys are:

  • the innate spiritual capacity of children 
  • that new parents are at a “crisis point” because they are experiencing a major life change and therefore open to “divine possibility”  
  • faith is most effectively nurtured within families, supported by a faith community

There are many ways to connect with local families.

If you wish to know what is available in your local area for young people, families and children, please, contact your local parish, the Regional Youth Office or the Children’s and Families Ministry Facilitator. 

As you think and pray through all the possibilities in your parish, you might find it helpful to ask for a consultation with your friendly Children and Families Ministry Facilitator: childrenandfamilies@melbourneanglican.org.au

Duty of Care

People wishing to work with children are required by the the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne to undergo a number of checks and processes. To learn more about these requirements, please click here

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