Professional Standards Review Panel

On 10 June 2021, the Archbishop in Council moved to adopt the Terms of Reference for the Professional Standards Review Panel in order to review the operation of the Professional Standards Uniform Act 2016 (the PSUA) in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne (ADOM). The Panel’s terms of reference include whether the overriding purposes of the PSUA remain appropriate and, if they are, how they may best be achieved. The first of these purposes is to enable complaints to be dealt with justly, quickly and inexpensively. The second is to regulate fitness for each of (i) ministry and (ii) service otherwise than in the ministry.

The Panel is chaired by retired Supreme Court judge The Honourable David Harper AM and will, during the second half of 2021, undertake the review and provide a report to the Archbishop in Council in early 2022.

The Panel members are Hon David Harper AM (Chair), Ms Karen Hogan, Ms Dianne Shay, Ms Seak-King Huang, The Right Reverend Andrew Curnow, Venerable Heather Patacca, Mr David Bartlett, Venerable George Hemmings.

The Professional Standards Uniform Act 2016 is found here

The Terms of Reference for the Review Panel are found here

The Clearance for Ministry Protocol is found here

The Clearance for Service Protocol is found here

The Faithfullness in Service Code of Contact is found here

Making a Submission

Should participation in this submission process raise matters of concern that give rise to personal trauma support is available at Kooyoora | Public Resources

The Submission form is found here. The Panel welcomes submission from all persons who have directly or indirectly been involved in the professional standards processes for clearance for ministry, clearance for service or a matter of complaint. The closing date for submissions is 24 September 2021.

The Panel will manage every submission with the strictest of confidence and all submissions will be destroyed at the completion of the review process.

Once you have completed the submission, please save it and send it via email to :

or print and post to:

PSUA Submissions

Melbourne Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

PO BOX 7081

Croydon South   Vic   3136

Enquiries in relation to making a submission can be directed to Secretary  at


How to make a complaint

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne takes all complaints of misconduct very seriously. This information is intended to help you if you wish to make a complaint, have been or are being abused or harassed by clergy or Church officers, including Regional Bishops, in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

If you wish to make a complaint about the Archbishop of Melbourne, please refer to Episcopal Standards.

Kooyoora Ltd has been appointed by the Melbourne Diocese to respond to all complaints of misconduct including sexual, physical, spiritual or emotional abuse by clergy or Church officers. Kooyoora Ltd is an independent Professional Standards company which undertakes Professional Standards work for non for profit charitable entities. You can find out more about Kooyoora’s role here.

The first step in making a complaint is to call the recorded information line at any time on: 1800 135 246

All information provided to this service is strictly confidential. The person taking a message on this number will ask you to give a name and your phone number or address so that Kooyoora can contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can write to Kooyoora.

By email to:

or by mail to:
Director of Professional Standards
Kooyoora Ltd
PO Box 329
Canterbury VIC 3126
Mark your envelope Confidential

The aim is to resolve complaints as quickly as possible.

The complaint process

There are different ways of dealing with complaints – informally, formally or referring the matter to another Church professional standards body or to a child protection authority or to the Police.

The website of the Kooyoora Office of Professional Standards give details of the process:

If the Committee believes that the conduct or the subject of the complaint, if established, would call into question the fitness for ministry of the Church worker, it may refer the matter to the Professional Standards Board for adjudication. The Board must determine whether the complaint is proven and, if so, may make recommendations to the Church authority as to what action should be taken against the Church worker.

The Church authority must give effect to recommendations of the Board and Review Board on a complaint or authorised modifications of the same.

Duties to report

Any adult who forms a reasonable belief that a sexual offence has been committed by an adult against a child under 16 has an obligation to report that information to Police. Failure to disclose the information to Police is a criminal offence: Crimes Act 1958, s327.

Clergy and other Church workers have further duties to report under State and Church legislation:


State of Victoria

Duty of every Victorian adult to report child sexual abuse

Duty of a person in religious ministry to report

Duty of responsible organisational person to act to protect

Duty of the holder of a WWC to report any change in circumstances

Duty of Head of Entity to report conduct to the Commission for Children and Young People

Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

Duty of prescribed Church worker to report to Professional Standards

Duty of every Church worker to report certain criminal charges made against them

Safe Ministry Training

It is a condition of every new licence or permission to officiate issued by the Archbishop that at least once every 3 years clergy attend Safe Ministry Training (previously known as Professional Standards Seminars) as part of holding a clearance within the Diocese.  Lay workers are also required to undertake this training.

Details about safe ministry training can be found here.


The Diocese offers survivors the choice of proceeding through either the National Redress Scheme, the Kooyoora Independent Redress Scheme or such other means as they may be advised.

Legislation and other resources 

See the Resources pages on the website of the Kooyoora Office of Professional Standards for the Diocese of Melbourne.

Wominjeka: The office of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne stands on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri/Woiwurrung people of the Kulin Nation.
We pay our respects to elders past and present, and affirm our commitment to the work of reconciliation.

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